Image documenting 'Piercing Poetics of the Body' presented at Performance.Experience.Presence. research seminar, 
University of Plymouth, November 2017
Image credit: Steven Paige

I am a doctoral candidate in the department of Dance, Theatre, and Performance at the University of Plymouth under the supervision of Prof. Roberta Mock and Dr. Victor Ladron De Guevara. In 2014 I was awarded a fully funded studentship in order to undertake my PhD and since then have successfully secured a range of awards including UoP Doctoral College conference funding, UoP Humanities and Performing Arts Documentation Funding, Santander Internationalisation Mobility Funding, and a TaPRA PG Bursary.

My practice research explores the relationship/s between body and cloth in performance and visual arts. My work is crafted in response to my own personal-political and lived experiences, alongside my research interests in live art; feminism; feminist theology; semiotics; affect; religious iconography; sex, gender, and identity; representations of the body in performance; and contemporary performance making. I am a founding member of 'Church of Performance' which is a Plymouth based arts collective ran in collaboration with Dagmar Schwitzgebel. 

I am an Associate Lecturer in Fine Art at Plymouth College of Art, specialising in delivering lectures and workshops on live art and performance.

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Selected Outputs

Presentation and Performance: Piercing Poetics of the Body at University of Plymouth, 2017; Protruding the Veil at Tate Britain with LADA DIY, London 2017; The Henry Moore Workout with Paul Kindersley as part of Marvin Gaye Chetwynd MEGAHAMMER, London 2017; la Sainte trinité: Oscillating Between Constructive Action and Empathetic Response at TaPRA, University of Salford 2017; Leviathan, Dir. Shezad Dawood at Venice Biennial 2017; Magic, Witchcraft, Ritual: Getting Down to Earth at On the Moors conference, University of Plymouth, 2017; Academia and the Aldi Carrier Bag: survival strategies for the piss poor at Buzzcut Festival, Glasgow 2017; Emending Eve exhibition at Elberson Fine Art Centre USA, 2017; la sainte trinité at SPILL Festival of Performance, Ipswich 2016; sa re-ecriture at Borderlines conference, De Montfort University 2016; Sackcloth and Ashes at Tempting Failure, London 2016; Spill 2014: Adornong the Body at Critical Costume, Finland 2015; Interpreting Ono at University of Plymouth, 2015.

Publication includes 'Between Material and the Body: How Drapery Performs' for Clare Thornton Materials of Resistance (2017); 'When the Unspoken Speaks' for INKconcrete (forthcoming); 'Tempting Failure for Total Theatre Review' in The Live Art Almanac, Vol.4 (LADA And Oberon Books, 2016); 'Spill Geist: An Ode to (the) Others' for SPILL (online 2015); 'Spill Stains: No Where // Now Here (The palimpsest of FK Alexander and Lydia Lunch)' for SPILL (online 2015); 'Reflections: ON BOUNDARIES' for SPILL (online 2014); 'Reflections: ON RETREAT' for SPILL (online 2014); 'Home(less)' for SNAP! Downtown Toronto edition (2009).

Press includes 'Natalie Raven and Dagmar Schwitzgebel - Sackcloth and Ashes' by Danielle Lagaccia for Incident Magazine (online 2016); 'la sainte trinité' by SPILL Festival of Performance (online 2016); 'New Performance by Natalie Raven at the Spill Festival' by University of Plymouth Arts Institute (online 2016); 'Artist Natalie Raven Explains...' for Arts Saves Lives (online 2015)