(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena

(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena: 80s inspired pop treat to cure Covid-19 blues.


Shot on location in Plymouth UK, June 2020.

Performers: Dagmar Schwitzgebel, Natalie Raven, and Núria Bonet
Additional Material: Flo Schwitzgebel
Filming: Dylan Jones
Editing: Natalie Raven
Production Support: Alba Navarro Rodriguez and Gosia Czerwinska


The Ascension of Esther


Performed live at St Saviours Hall in Plymouth UK, November 2019

Responding to the histories, architectures, and found objects within St Saviours Church Hall, The Ascension of Esther re-presents and re-imagines art historical images of womxn and womxnhood via uses of ‘bodycloth’ in performance art. Built in the 1880s to serve as a Sunday school to the former Anglican church, St Saviours was re-purposed by local artist Robert Lenkiewicz in the 1990s. Taking a feminist approach, the artists use Lenkiewicz’ paintings as a referential starting point from which to activate and respond.

This performance formed part of Natalie Raven’s doctoral research, conducted at the University of Plymouth in the department of Dance, Theatre, and Performance.

Credits: Performance by Natalie Raven and Dagmar Schwitzgebel
Photography by Beth Richards
Performance Assistance by Charlie Cornforth
Lighting Design and Technical Assistance by Melaine Le Bars


Womxn, Textile, Landscape – artists waterboarding on

steps of the old barracks

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 13.27.41..opt6

Live performance 

Developed as part of 'Fabric, Fluidity, and Performance Art' artistic residency at Maker Heights, Cornwall UK

The residency explored the relationship/s between performance art, land/seascape, textile, and the body. It was intended to facilitate time/space for creative experimentation and experience to unfold, with invitation to explore mutuality and collaborative approaches to performance making. This video documents research and development processes of the group.  

Workshop facilitated and produced by Natalie Raven.  
Supported by Dagmar Schwitzgebel and Beth Richards. 
This project was made possible via funding from the Humanities and Performing Arts Postgraduate Research Fund at the University of Plymouth. 


Protruding the Veil

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 19.55.18.png.o

Live performance 

Developed as part of Approaches to Embodied Islam workshop for LADA DIY 14, at TATE Britain London UK